Return to Deathlehem


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Slay bells ring,
Kids are screaming,
In the lane, snow is blood stained.
There’s nowhere to hide,
Krampus has arrived,
There’ll be feasting in a winter slaughter land…

Welcome Back to Deathlehem

… where the office Secret Santa proves more dangerous than a game of Russian roulette…
… where trips to Grandma’s house are fraught with danger…
… where a traditional Nutcracker poses a threat to a pair of would-be thieves…
… where ghosts of Christmases past haunt and take vengeance against the living…
… and many more!

Twenty-three tales of holiday horror that benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

JP Behrens
Steven Bigwood
Rose Blackthorn
Chantal Boudreau
Kevin G. Bufton
Alyn Day
Nicole DeGennaro
David J. Delaney
Gerard Griffin
Vicky MacDonald Harris
Susan Jay
Geoffrey K. Liu
Kerry G.S. Lipp
Steph Minns
Christopher M. Morgan
Mark Parker
Jordan Phelps
Mike Pieloor
Joel Reeves
Michael Shayne
Philip Thorogood
DJ Tyrer
Jay Wilburn


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