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Wanda has uncovered a dark secret that could shatter the image of her perfect family. Attempting to force the situation back into the societal framework she’d strived for years to present, events spiral out of control. Secrets threaten to emerge from a carefully suppressed past
and become public. To save her family’s reputation, Wanda succumbs to a madness no one could have expected.

Content warning: This book contains graphic scenes of animal cruelty and mental, physical, and emotional abuse.

“Dark and violent, yet with a surprising amount of heart, it’s hard to believe J.P. Behrens’s Portrait of a Nuclear Family is a debut novel. Crafted with a sure hand, the suspense rises to an almost unbearable tension. And that ending — people are going to be talking about it for a long time!” – Nicholas Kaufmann, bestselling author of 100 Fathoms Below (with Steven L. Kent) and The Hungry Earth

No one is safe when JP Behrens is at the keyboard. PORTRAIT OF A NUCLEAR FAMILY starts off crazy and descends into pure and utter madness. A wild ride that will keep the reader guessing…and cringing page after page. – Daniel J. Volpe Splatterpunk award nominated author of Left to You and Talia.

Visceral and grotesque, Behrens paints a portrait that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading
– Jacob Haddon, editor of LampLight Magazine

JP Behrens delivers a twisted tale of horror and madness, a bold story with surprises aplenty and a powerful narrative. Highly recommended. — James A. Moore, author of the Blood Red trilogy


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