Upcoming shows!

If you want to find me in the near future, read this...

2023 is starting off with a bang!

I just signed up and bought a table at the end of February for the New England Authors Expo: Authors at the Vineyard. That occurs on February 26th in New Hampshire. If you can make it, stop by my table and say hi!

I will also be at AuthorCon II in Williamsburg, VA from March 31 – April 2. This is a MUCH bigger show. Show up, say hi!

I’m hoping to figure out how to build a calendar that I can update on the site so you can all stop by here and check that out for any new shows or publications.

Edit: I just signed up for the Books and a Brew Event in East Hampton, CT at Rule of 3 Brewing. Come grab a book and a brew!

I will also be at the Public Library of New London on March 18 for their Local Author’s Event.


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