Things are a brewing

So in the past few weeks, I’ve attended a couple small, local shows with varied results, which happens. It appeared everyone is still recovering from COVID lockdowns and there are many who still don’t feel comfortable leaving the house. I get it and will keep showing up to these shows until you are all ready to come out and buy some books.

Speaking of buying a book! My short story, “Promises,” will be in the upcoming Fear Forge anthology, available for ebook preorder now and releasing at a paperback on March 23rd! Go check it out and grab yourself a copy.

Witches, witches, witches!

My next show, which is a biggie, is Scares that Care presents AuthorCon II in Williamsburg, VA from March 31st to April 2nd. I’ll have a booth there and will be doing a reading Friday night from 5:45-6:30PM along side Lucas Milliron. On Saturday I have a panel called The Psychology of Horror at 10:45-11:45AM with David Simms, Mona Kabbani, Tommy B. Smith, Daniel Braum, and Jenny Allen.

The complete program for the weekend can be found here and tickets are still available to come out and hang with all the great authors in attendance.

I’m working on getting a calendar active on the site that I can update with upcoming events and etc, but my time is limited.

Some events of note:

Main Street Author Trail in Brantford, CT on May 6th

CT HorrorFest in Hardford, CT on September 23rd and 24th

CAPA Author Event in TBD on October 7th

There are a few others I’ve applied for, but these are the one I know I’ll be at (some through various organizations) unless something pops up.

I’ve been chipping away at the current full rewrite of my YA Fantasy, trying to have a copy to print and bring with me to AuthorCon to do line edits during my downtime (the work never stops). I need to get my store up and running on here. AND I want to write a piece about professional jealousy to post here soon. Maybe next week?

Getting my hands on a PS5 and playing God of War: Ragnorok did not help with time management, but it was a necessary wind down after rewriting 3000+ words a day.

Once the YA Fantasy is done, I’ve already scheduled myself to do the next rewrite on a novella that is a Lovecraftian Chinatown (hopefully). I’m preparation, I’m going to marathon watch Chinatown a bunch and drown myself in Raymond Carver and Elmore Leonard. Hit me up with any other recommendations if you can think of one.

So, I have a busy year planned.


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