The Year of the Rewrite

Last year, I did a Year of 1000 Words a day. I ended up with close to 500K words of new stories. Woot for me. But as Hemingway said, “First drafts are shit.” So what to do with that massive amount of output?

Welcome to the Year of the Rewrite!

This year, I’m slogging through my own pimple covered work and editing it as mercilessly as possible. The plan is to have my newest novel’s second draft, a YA/MG Fantasy novel, done by the end of the school year and ready for submissions by the end of the summer. If not sooner.

The ultimate goal here is to design a schedule that allows me to do rewrites in the morning/afternoon and write new material (1K words min) in the afternoon/evenings. Goals!

Keep working. Keep writing.


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