Pre-Order Release Day!

The day has come! Portrait of a Nuclear Family is available on as an ebook preorder.

If you NEED it in paperback, and I would, it will be available on Amazon on Sept. 2nd.

Published by D&T Publishing, the process has been wonderful. I may have driven a few people to madness with my constant questions, but they did a killer job bringing this book into the world.

Content Warning: Portrait contains graphic depictions of animal cruelty and instances of physical, mental, and emotional abuse.

For my next trick! I am working on a Middle Grade portal fantasy novel (the perfect follow-up!).

The new book follows Billy who falls through the cracks of reality to meet a young girl, Miranda, who reveals that they are no longer a part of their world. After being chased out of the haven bridging two distinct realms, Billy and Miranda finds themselves in a world of honorable monsters and deplorable angels. They must find their way home before those who fear their arrival destroy them and all those they befriend.

I am currently working on the second draft of this epic fantasy, which I hope to turn into a series.


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